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Hualien Hotel

Parkview Hotel

In 1993, Parkview hotel was born to the beat of Hualien’s heart. because of the initial five-star luxury resort edifice in Hualien, Parkview breaths and moves to the groove of Hualien’s rhythm since its conception. located within the embrace of the deep blue ocean and dense hill ridges, Parkview edifice may be an entree to Hualien’s stunning landscape.

Whether your destination is to beaming and enchant read at Taroko Gorge, the soothing scenery at Seven Stars Lake, or get pleasure from delicious foods and collect finest souvenirs you'll realize in Hualien city… Parkview is the most ideal place to begin in your Hualien travels. what is more, with an associate infinite and wide band of blue and inexperienced scenery, Parkview isn't solely a leisure vacation edifice in an associate urban town, however conjointly the brightest and liveliest landmark in Hualien!

In addition to being the geographical center in terms of scenery, it's conjointly a hub for Hualien’s history, culture, and senses. With natural scenery at its core and native culture as seasoning and spice, Parkview edifice fulfills the wants of your senses. Now, return and luxuriate in Parkview, and start your journey within the heart of Hualien