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Corrective Eye Surgery Basics

Tired of carrying glasses or contact lenses? nowadays, many surgical strategies will correct your vision and provides you the liberty of seeing well while not corrective lenses.

Approaches to corrective eye surgery vary from optical maser reshaping of the eye's surface in procedures like LASIK and PRK to surgical insertion of artificial lenses to correct vision. Here's a short outline of many refractive surgery options:


PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) was the primary optical maser vision correction procedure approved within u. s., receiving agency approval in 1995. It before long became a well-liked various to keratotomy (RK), which was the sole viable surgery for myopia offered at the time. PRK secures to scale back or eliminate several of the complications of RK, together with unsteady vision, glare, halos around lights, infection, unpredictable outcomes, shriveled visual modality and regression (return of nearsightedness).

Like LASIK, PRK uses Associate in Nursing excimer optical maser to get rid of membrane tissue to reshape the attention and proper vision. however, with PRK, the optical maser treatment is applied on to the surface of the tissue layer, instead of beneath a flap of membrane tissue as in LASIK. Visual outcomes when PRK square measure like those when LASIK. however, the attention is uncomfortable for one or two of weeks when PRK, till the skinny outer protecting layer of the tissue layer (the epithelium) grows back. Also, vision may be quite blurred for per week or 2 when PRK till the attention heals.

The number of PRK procedures declined sharply once LASIK was introduced, as a result of there's sometimes very little or no discomfort when LASIK and vision recover quicker. However, PRK has created a comeback in recent years because of more practical pain management techniques and since it poses less risk of sure complications. Recent studies additionally indicate that PRK and LASIK manufacture similar outcomes.