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I’m a first time commenter on HUS; I stumbled on this site a few months ago and have been reading Susan’s posts more frequently in the last couple of weeks. First, I want to say that I went through the whole dating combat thing and came out okay. Two years ago, I got married for the first time at age 34 to a man who was never married of age 38. Neither of us had kids and we plan to have a child in the near future. His number with women was somewhere around 250 before he and I met. It would take several, several multiples of my number to even reach his number. I’ve got a masters degree and so does he. Right now, I make more money than he does, but he’s an independent writer, so making more money than a writer usually is the case for many people with a career, like myself. He comes from a fairly wealthy family, and, basically, due to feminism putting more easily sexually available women on the market, he has slept with many good-looking women sans commitment (he showed me several photos of his ‘exes’) on his own continent and several others. He’s been to the sex tourist meccas, like Thailand and Morocco, slept with many women there, and has even dated the non-American types (who all the men on the ‘sphere claim are ‘better’ than American women in all ways), but still, this Frenchman fell for me. I was probably a 8-9 on the SMV scale in my 20′s, and it was not lost on me that my SMV was probably skewed and that in reality, I’m most likely a 7 (with value rapidly dropping as I got deeper into my 30′s). When he met me, he was mad at himself for falling for me. I wasn’t a) as hot as his other conquests b) didn’t wear the right underwear (I’m not really a lingerie girl) c) competed with him intellectually d) was too old (he imagined settling down with a HB10 in her 20′s) e) and was an annoying American with feminist leanings (not too heavy, but they’re there). He’s very French and kind of macho, which doesn’t bother me. I would love it if he wanted to put me out of business so I could be a SAHM, but I don’t think that’s going to happen because he is uncompromising about his work. I know he likes me partly because I can pull my own weight financially. And underneath all of my politics and all the rest, he said that he saw a person that truly knows how to give love – he’s said that a lot of hot women don’t know how to love someone. Even though he’s had hotter sex with other women, he’s stayed with me even though I have given him several opportunities to leave me. He knows the door is always open and that it’s his choice on a daily basis to stay or go. I’m not sure why he loves me as much as he does even though he’s let me know that I’m so clearly deficient in so many objective, market value ways, but I know he loves me. And no, there was no marriage ultimatum from my end. He proposed on his own to me. I turned him down, he asked again, and I said yes. I just know what I want, and I told him. FYI, I have made EVERY bad dating mistake that Susan cautions her readers against. Every single one. And I still ended up marrying a cool foreign guy who is more alpha and romantic and charming than the average American man. He genuinely likes women and even when he sympathizes with women, he never comes across like a beta. Strangely, he’s also the tallest man I’ve ever been with. I always thought I’d end up with some divorced with kids 45 yo guy when I hit my 30′s. I thought I needed to be realistic. Maybe I’m an exception, but that’s not the way fate worked out for me. Granted, I was very determined to find someone and wasn’t letting any guy waste any more time than I saw fit to put into him. There was no negotiating relationship goals with me and in my 30′s, I finally had the confidence to stick to my guns and to be ready to move on quickly if the dude didn’t share my goal of marriage and kids.